Our Services

American TelePsychiatry, Inc.®

We provide a full spectrum of psychiatric and behavioral healthcare services. Our main service categories are: psychiatric assessments, psychotherapy, and medication management – all provided via a secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud-based network.

Specific services include:

Anger/Stress Management
Attention Deficit Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Forensic Psychiatry
Psychological Testing
Autism Support & Management
Pediatric Psychiatry
Bi-Polar Disorder
Expert testimony
Alternatives to Revocation.
Correctional services
Court-ordered and Legal Assessment”

Our clients include:
Insurance companies
Self-insured employers
Nursing Homes
Social service agencies
Independent psychologists and other counselors
Defense and Family Law Attorneys
Physician clinics
….and many others…anyone who requires the services of a Psychiatrist or Advanced Nurse Practitioner


How We Do It



Step 1)  Select a provider. 
View our provider profile pages  to learn about, and select a provider in your state.

Step 2) Contact Us
Contact American Telehealthcare via our Contact Form, by phone, or talk live with an online chat representative. Provide your representative with the name of the physician you would like to see, your preferred method of payment, and your contact information.

Step 3) Technology Consultation
Set up a technology consultation. Before the date of your appointment there will need to be a technology consultation to assure that your computer or mobile device is set up properly.  During this process we will guide you to installing our software, and confirm all medical information is up to date and accurate.

We do this in order to assure that your experience will be of the highest quality, like the physician is in the room with you.

Step 4) Meet with your provider!
Meet with your provider at the scheduled time, from the comfort of one of our facilities, or even your own home!

Step 5) Follow-Up
Our representatives will be getting a hold of you to verify your satisfaction and to schedule a follow-up visit if necessary.

Have a question? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions, or chat live with a representative below.